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Andy and Jamie sit down with Brett Culp, director of the inspiring new Batman documentary "Legends of the Knight", to discuss his film and how The Dark Knight has inspired people in different ways. We wrap up by reviewing two more episodes from Batman: The Animated Series: "Christmas with the Joker" and "Nothing to Fear".

For listeners in the Los Angeles area, don't forget to join our screening of "Legends of the Knight" on April 1st, 2014, in Burbank, CA. Details can be found at www.tugg.com/events/8368 or WeAreBatman.com.

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This week, Andy is joined by old friend and editor-in-chief of JoBlo.com Paul Shirey to discuss Batman's comic book adventures, Damian Wayne, Zack Snyder, and Batman vs. Superman. Then stay tuned for a brand new segment: our first episode review of Batman: The Animated Series, "On Leather Wings".

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